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Ecoplant's headquarters in Parma (PR)

To invest in quality

Our technical office, thanks to CAD system, is able to carry out the requested equipments executive planning with the most precision in a very short time. Our operative division, high/y qualified, thanks to the technical quality of its equipments, Is able to carry out carpentry and mechanics works as well as the most rigorous chekings.
Beside the traditional materials processing, Ecoplants also involves the use of compound steel and aluminium for the construction of systems and equipments. Two advantages accrue from this method: economic solutions and great resistance.


Founded in 1972, Ecoplants has specialised in the design and manifacture of systems and equipments in wastewaters treatment range. Today, hundreds of treatment plants are Ecoplants equipped. These include cities, villages or industrial plants, equally serving populations ranging from thousands to several millions.

Backed by this broad line of systems and equipments and proved experience in equipping every type and size of plant, you can turn your problem over to Ecoplants Sanitary Engineers and obtain the most satisfactory and economic solution to your problems or necessities. Ecoplants is furthermore able to offer its own collaboration and assistance for assembling, installation and maintenance of equipments, in order to guarantee a regular working without difficulties.


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